June 16, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
USS Hornet
707 W Hornet Ave
Alameda, CA 94501
Students: $10, AIAA Members: $25, Non-Members: $35
Thomas Lombaerts

Annual Banquet on the USS Hornet

A great occasion to visit the prime historic Aerospace Engineering Landmark of the SF Bay Area: your local AIAA section will be hosting its annual banquet aboard the USS Hornet! The US Navy aircraft carrier USS Hornet picked up the crew of Apollo 11. This is a great event to bring your family and friends, and the pilots and aerospace engineers of the next generation!

During this banquet, we will have our annual awards ceremony and a talk by Jonathan Barlow (NASA Ames) about the ‘Astrobee’.

Astrobee: A New Tool for ISS Operations

Astrobee is a new class of free-flying robots that operate in the interior of the International Space Station (ISS). In addition to providing a research platform for zero-g free-flying robotics (replacing the Synchronized Position Hold Engage and Reorient Experimental Satellites (SPHERES)), Astrobee improves the efficiency of ISS operations by providing flight and payload controllers with a mobile camera/sensor platform. The Astrobee system consists of three robots, a docking station, and a ground data system. Development began in late 2014, and Astrobee will launch to ISS in late 2018. This talk will provide an overview of the capabilities of the Astrobee system, the concept of operations for ISS operations support, and the challenges of operating a free-flying robot within the constraints of the ISS environment.

Speaker bio:
Jonathan Barlow is a senior aerospace research engineer working with the Advanced Control and Evolvable Systems group at NASA Ames Research Center. With over a decade of experience in aerospace and controls research, he supports SPHERES sustaining engineering hardware and software development. Jonathan is also Integration and Test Lead and deputy Systems Engineer for the Astrobee element of the HET-2 project, which is developing a new free flying robotic satellite for the International Space Station (ISS). Jonathan’s past projects include data-based predictive control of autonomous vehicles, decentralized low-communication solutions of optimal control cost functions, loss of control prediction technologies for commercial aircraft, piloted studies of short take-off and landing (STOL) vehicles handling qualities, and scalable aircraft modeling and control. His research interests include Model Predictive Control, Data-based Model Predictive Control, Optimal Control, and Robotics. Jonathan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Brigham Young University, and a PhD in Engineering from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. Jonathan is also the father of four future engineers.


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Please RSVP by 6/10/18 because prices will go up by $5 after that day!

5:00 Doors open
5:30 Dinner starts
6:00 Speaker presentation
7:00 Awards ceremony
7:15 Docent led tours on board of the USS Hornet

The dinner will be buffet style.

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